Is Jain Food available at Nature’s Nest?
Our kitchen can make lovely Jain food for you on special request.  Do let us know in advance about your needs and preferences.

Is halal food available at Nature’s Nest?
We can definitely serve halal chicken to you.  But do let us know your preferences in advance.

What are the timings for the meals?
Breakfast time depends on your scheduled activity but starts from 8:00am onwards. Lunch is served at 1:00pm and dinner is served at 8:00pm. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or have any special dietary needs. We do offer a special menu for children if the need be.

What should we bring along while coming to Nature’s Nest?

  • Good binoculars
  • Camera gear
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Broad-brimmed hat
  • Rain suit or poncho (June to Sptember)
  • Insect repellent
  • Small daypack

What about the electricity supply at Nature’s Nest?
We are supplied with the public electricity supply.  In case of power failure we have generator back up.

Where does the water provided at Nature’s Nest come from?
We provide natural well water 24 hours per day. Please use the water wisely. We advise you not to drink the water from the river, lake or any of the taps. Consumable water can be found at the restaurant from many dispensers and pitchers as well as a variety of other beverages available.

All the water that the lodge provides is purified with an ozone treatment.

Could you tell us about the cottages?
Our spacious rooms offer lots of natural light and fresh air while providing a safe but close contact with the natural surroundings. Each room is also equipped with private bathrooms with hot water facility (set timings) for your convenience.

Do mobile phones work at Nature’s Nest?
We have a wireless landline at Nature’s Nest.  Mobile phones do not have connectivity here due to the remote location and forest cover.  You can walk 500 m from Nature’s Nest and you will get BSNL and Vodafone networks to make a call if not for internet.

Is laundry facility available at Nature’s Nest?
Laundry service is not available at Nature’s Nest.

Is smoking allowed at Nature’s Nest?
Smoking is allowed in the farm. Please do not smoke in your room, the dining rooms, or during activities.

First Aid and Emergencies
In case of emergencies we have a first aid kit that is equipped to deal with most cases that may reasonably arise in the area.

For snake bites, an unheard of at Nature’s Nest Countryside Cottages so far, we have the closest hospital that stocks an anti venom at 30 minutes drive from our hotel.

What is the weather at Nature’s Nest like?

Winter: October to January.

  • The average daytime high temperature during winter months is between 24C and 31C.
  • The days are warm but nights get cold during winter especially in the month of November to March, the temperatures dropping to about 17 C

Summer Months: February to May

  • Temperatures during the day soar high up to 36C and also has high humidity in the month of May

Rainy Months – June to September

  • Be prepared for heavy rain that can continue for hours or days. Around 80% of the annual average 3000 mm rainfall occurs during this season.


Do you have any other tips or suggestions?

  • No smoking in the forest
  • No littering.
  • When sighting wildlife follow your guides instructions.
  • If you should come across hurt wildlife, leave it be. It is part of the natural processes of the wilderness.
  • Please separate your trash in the proper trash bins. All non-biodegradable trash is taken to Margao and later sent for recycling.
  • Please keep it quite. Our rooms are not sound proof and guests come to listen to the sounds of nature. If you should want to listen to music, use headphones.
  • The lodges are highly flammable. Do not leave candles unattended.
  • Never go swimming in the Nature’s Nest Countryside Cottages without a guide.
  • Stay on the trails and take to the trails only with a guide.
  • Always use life jackets on the boat and during boarding.
  • When taking people photos, ask first!
  • No fishing at the bubble spring or the surrounding wetlands.
  • After 10:30 pm we kindly ask that you lower your voices to allow all guests to enjoy the sounds of the forest at night.